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Hi, my name is Peter Edman and I run Square Peg Learning and Training.

Although I can help ALL students, Square Peg was primarily created to meet the needs of students with disabilities, focusing on Asperger’s syndrome or high-functioning autism and the often-related diagnoses of ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) and reading problems or dyslexia.

Tuition where you like it and how you like it.

Tuition can be provided either at home or other non-school premises.


What I Offer


I offer tutoring in most subject areas, from primary through to senior schooling.

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Some university support is available, depending on subjects. If you would like to know more about tutoring, you can visit the tutoring page here.

Workshops are designed to help families support their students both educationally and socially.

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Participating in a workshop is a great way to get creative, as it helps students explore other areas to help with learning.


Support is offered to parents in the form of general advice both online and face-to-face.

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As part on the service I can also liaise with school teachers where possible.

A Word From Peter

“I understand students require different approaches to learning.”

– Peter Edman

How square peg is

different and unique

Students with Asperger’s syndrome or high-functioning autism and the often-related diagnoses of ADHD are often the ‘odd ones out‘ in a classroom. Being part of the 10-20% of the population with these diagnoses, they are certainly not uncommon.

They are the ‘square pegs’ being made to fit round holes. It usually doesn’t work.

What can easily happen is that these students in one way or another ‘fall through the cracks’ for various reasons, although the current trend towards a common curriculum and set pace of learning doesn’t help.

My observations and discussions with parents has confirmed the need for an extra layer of support for these students and their families.

Take the pressure off

Many young people won’t readily accept help from home. Square Peg provides the opportunity to meet that need and in the process, take one extra area of pressure away from parents.

I understand where you're at!

As a parent with an Asperger’s daughter and step-parent to twin boys with ADHD, I have considerable understanding of the issues involved.

Different approaches to learning

I help in areas to build confidence with my students, letting them be who they are and linking their interests to their learning. With others I can work with building focus which is key to success.

Individualised & customized learning

Every student is unique and has unique needs. The goal of Square Peg is to meet students where they are at and to provide support in those areas most needed.



What Parents are Saying

“Peter is willing to listen, negotiate and adjust plans as needed to achieve a common goal. Peter interacts with parents and students in an open and inquisitive manner. He has a genuine interest in people and an empathetic and compassionate nature.”


Teacher | Works for Education Queensland

“My 13-year old son was struggling last year organising and understanding what was required in his school assessments and the heavy workload in high school. We decided to get a tutor to fill the gaps where the schooling system could not. I am amazed at my son’s maturity with Peter and how well he is now doing. I am so impressed with how Peter is with him and how they work together.”



“For the past six months Peter Edman has provided extra tuition for my children aged 10 and 7. Peters’ knowledge of ASD and other special learning needs, combined with his acumen for providing innovative learning methods, have been instrumental in improving their grades. I feel that with Peter’s continued assistance Hayden has the best chance at succeeding at school. We have also retained Peter as an educational consultant to help my wife and I navigate through the complexities of the Australian Curriculum and the sometimes-complicated jargon.”


Parent | Works as a Paramedic

“Peter is a compassionate person with a strong sense of social justice. He is also a very patient person and a good listener. These strengths are evident in his work as a teacher, especially when working with special needs students.”


Teacher | Works for Catholic Education"

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Location: Rockhampton 4700 Queensland

Mobile: 0487828444

Email: peter@squarepeg.net.au

Hours: Mon-Fri (Contact us for times)

Let's Work Together

Location: Rockhampton 4700 Queensland

Hours: Mon-Fri (Contact us for times)

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